Dry   LiningWe specialise in 1st Fix, 2nd fix, columns, boxing out's and snag works on new build or refurbishment sites. We can achieve works given to us on time. Measure twice, cut once is the way how we do it. Especially on 1st fix, when you start from scratch. We have all the tools required for the job. site store tool boxes and if for any reason you will find that we are struggling with some specific tool once, you won't notice it twice.




Suspended CeilingsWe can take care of your ceilings, especially if you require:
Plasterboard MF Ceilings
Grid & Tile Ceilings
Acoustic Ceilings
Suspended Rafts, Troughs and Soffits
Upstands, Dropdowns and any other types of Bulkheads

Build as per manufacturer standards and if needed any extra features or details can be added by the client.

PartitionsOver the years we have done thousands of partitions with different wall types, different head and bottom details.
With right choice of partition systems your space can be transformed in anything you need with acoustic, moisture resistant or fire rated walls with or without insulation depending on your needs.
We are specialists in 1st fix, building as per client's needs achieving maximum quality on our projects. Only correctly done partitions on 1st fix can guarantee your success at the finish point. Otherwise, when time comes to finish you might need to use specialists in snag works, and if needed we can do it as well. Having us on your job from day 1, will make less costs at the end.  We aim to follow specs and drawings, details and instructions given by client.

Steel Framing Systems (SFS)One of the most important jobs on site, which needs to be done very accurate. Otherwise internal dimensions of the building may vary, sometimes drawings for partitions done using SFS as a start point of your measure. Only well trained fixers can do this job.
None of the partitions can be released, unless SFS is done, otherwise all internals can be damaged due to bad weather, especially by rain or snow.




JoinerySpecialists in timber framing, external and internal joinery:

Garden fitouts
Timber frame partitions
Door installations
Window installations
Kitchen fitting
Shop fitting

FirestopWe are specialists in fire protected Structural Steelwork Beams and Columns. We can use special type of boards requested by client. Usually and cost effective boards are Fireline and Glassroc boards. All depends on level of fire protection required.
Fire protected ceilings, bulkheads and partitions can be made anywhere for higher level of fire protection. This can be office space, apartments, shops and many more places where you might need to have proper fire protection.
Specialists in firetaping / fire check. Due to our rich experience in wall partitions we have been fire checking large areas for ages. We know how important it is to do a proper firetaping, before you can go any forward.

PlasteringWe can take care of your project nearly to the end, we can offer internal plastering made to high standard to meet your requirements.
As well we have been doing tape & jointing for years.
So if you need to plaster some areas, we can do it, if you need to tape and joint some other areas, we can do it as well.




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